the Stroncton Human Line 2016 Lookbook

the Stroncton Human Line 2016 Lookbook

On July 4th we cruised to Linz / Upper Austria for the first Stroncton Lookbook Video and Photo Shooting. It took us nearly 12 hours to film and shoot all these awesome footage.

We had a great team with us and it was a unforgetable day. At this point: BIG THANKS to the very good looking KARO for this really cool pics with our girly shirt, to the sick riders MICHAEL & THOMAS for bringing in some movement. And of course the video-man MANUEL NGUYEN and photo-hero DAVID LUGMAYR. (check out their work on their websites)

So make a long story short, here are the pics. The video you can find on HOME or HERE...

lookbook skateboarding delicious clothing shirt

lookbook skateboarding push delicious clothing shirt

shirt classic stitch

shirt delicious clothing classic logo stitch

lookbook cap grey xsdc

lookbook label detail
lookbook cap girly sunset
lookbook girly shirt bonfire sunset
lookbook classic stitch delicious clothing shirt
lookbook cap grey tank top xsdc
lookbook classic stitch shirt detaillookbook round patch sweatshirt
lookbook bonfire chillin

So that are the first STRONCTON Lookbook pics and we´re really proud of them. What do you say? Do you like them too?

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